Our mission is to provide an exciting yet safe experience
on the water watching all the amazing animals Kaikoura has to offer.


Hi, My name is Levi O'Connor, I am so grateful to be able to show people my back yard were I have grown up surfing, fishing and diving as a job. My family and I, including 3 younger brothers, moved to Kaikoura from Riverton in the deep south 19 years ago. My parents have two local businesses, Southern Paua & Pacific Jewels both shops are a must see, perfect for gifts and souvenirs. I spend most days in the water with being a sponsored surfer from the age of 13. In 2015 I became the South Island open surfing champion and still surf most days around the Kaikoura coast. The ocean is where I belong and feel safe and am able to unwind. I look forward to meeting you and will try my best to make your tour one to remember. See you soon, Levi



Come join me on an exciting wildlife adventure.